Toyota Touch Up Paint – Paint Colors for Toyota

If you have just damaged your paint on your Toyota, you have come to the right place for Toyota touch up paint. I used to own a body shop and have extensive experience in all phases of paint restoration. My two favorite tasks in the job were refinishing with Toyota paint and frame alignment.

The only way your Toyota paint will never get damaged is if you do not drive and leave the vehicle in a sealed garage. Of course, this may be a bit inconvenient to say the least.

Lets go over some facts about the paint used on your Toyota.

Who makes the Paint?

Toyota does not make paint or Toyota touch up paint. In fact, none of the car manufacturers make auto paint. There is no such thing as “Toyota Paint”, “Toyota Prius Paint”, etc. contrary to what you have heard. All Toyota paint is made by companies such as DuPont, PPG, Sikkens, Sherwin Williams and a handful of other companies.

What is the problem with metallic Toyota paint?

In order for Toyota metallic paint colors to match, it must be sprayed. Trying to brush on metallic paints will result in the metallic flakes not laying down properly and the repair spot will be obvious.

Where can I purchase touch up paint?

There are many good sources on the web for Toyota touch up paint. You can try your dealer, but often they do not sell spray cans of Toyota paint. The highest quality Toyota touch up paint is available on the touch up paint website Paint Scratch.